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Hosted M.A.C's Lips Lips Lips event last weekend at 313@Somerset. I was so stoked to host their event cos I AM A HUGE MAKEUP JUNKIE. In fact, when I started experimenting with makeup, M.A.C was my very first brand that I bought! 

The event featured over 200 shades of the most iconic makeup product at M.A.C, which is their lipstick. I spazzed a little when I saw the giant lipstick display of lipsticks. I wish I had one of those at home. I have way too many lipsticks for one set of lips. 

My makeup on day 1 was done by Yan Ling. She was supposed to do a light makeup for me with bold lips. I requested for the "red eye" look cos I'm quite into that lately and she kept my skin dewy and moisturised the entire day. My lips were red and dusted with some rose gold pigments. 

My lipstick needed some touch up after lunch so Zoe helped me put on another look. I really like this one a lot! I usually go for matte lips and I've never tried such a glossy look before.

Can I take a moment to say how much I love my top from Eight Slate. I am a sucker for anything with back details!

For day 2, Zoe did my makeup and I requested for a gothic look, which was very different as compared to day 1's dewy soft look. 

I had so much fun at this event. Some ladies who came to the event were asking what lipstick I was wearing because I kept changing them throughout the day. They also asked me for recommendations to which I introduced them to some of the M.A.C lipsticks I own and they seem to like them very much too! 

Photos taken by Panasonic Lumix GX 8 on 42.5mm F1.7 & 25mm F1.8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5.