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Got a perm

Loving my soft curls that were permed by my fairy godmother stylist, Eugenie from Hairpage Underground. I've been trying to grow my hair out for over a year now and I'm so happy that it's finally long enough to be permed! I've been waiting for ages because my hair was previously flat and I desperately need some volume in my hair. 

Hairpage Underground is a new salon that's residing at South Beach and the stylists were all previously from Toni & Guy where they received very rigorous training for years to get to where they are now. 

She's been my stylist for quite awhile now and I'm so thankful that she has a very deep understanding about my style and what I am looking for to the point where I don't have to tell her what I want and have complete faith in entrusting my mane to her. 

If you wanna have beautiful hair too, look for Eugenie at Hairpage Underground:

A: 26 Beach Road, South Beach Avenue #B1-25, Singapore 189 768

T: 6386 6898