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Mehdi and Fern sent me a bottle of Argan Oil, Rhassoul Clay Mask and Moroccan Rosewater 

Mehdi and Fern sent me a bottle of Argan Oil, Rhassoul Clay Mask and Moroccan Rosewater 

I was sent some products by Mehdi and Fern who are owners of ANIA. The philosophy of ANIA was to bring Africa's best beauty secrets to Singapore because Mehdi, having spent his childhood years in Africa and was influenced by his home country in Morocco. 

The bottle of Argan Oil was what I got to first. I believe we are no stranger to the benefits and multi-purpose of argan oil. However, with all kinds of oils, it's bound to make whatever I touch in the next 30 minutes oily as well, especially my phone, which is why I tend to stay away from oil products. I was pleasantly surprised to find ANIA's Argan Oil fast absorbing.

Trying it on

I tried it on my cuticles because my manicurist always complaints that my cuticles are extremely dry. I have seen it soften over the time and it peels a lot less. I have never seen them so tamed before. I also tried a few drops of it on my hair but I haven't been able to see much of a difference. Perhaps I should try it with a few more extra drops but I have no faith in my hair because the ends are quite badly damaged and I'm worried that it might not be able to absorb anything good I put on it and that I might wake up with very oily hair the next day. On my face, I added a few drops on my face before applying my BB cushion and the rest of my makeup. It helps my makeup go on smoothly and if that's not the best part, it made my skin look dewy (not oily) all day. 

To the Argan Oil, I say a definite yes. 

The Moroccan Rosewater is simply divine. I love the scent of it which I would describe it to be floral and powdery. I find myself constantly opening the bottle to catch a whiff of the rosewater scent. I spritz over my made up face for a calming and refreshing effect. It's just impossible to be bothered about anything when I'm doused in it and I wish that my room can smell like that all the time. 

I have mixed feelings about this clay mask. While I have yet to see incredible benefits from it, I have to report a slight tingling sensation for the first 3-5 minutes after application. Unlike the clay masks that I have tried on, the ANIA Rhassoul Clay Mask is more watery and coarse which I enjoy because it looks, feels and smells organic. Despite it having a more watery consistency, it dries down just about the same time as other clay masks I've tried on. After 8 minutes, I washed it off without much trouble (clay masks are notoriously difficult to wash off) and I looked into the mirror and saw less aggressive red spots and smaller pores. 

I gave the clay mask another shot and the tingling sensation was much lesser and only localised to the area around my nose. What I really enjoyed after removing the mask was the cooling sensation on my skin which seems softened after about 5 minutes of application. My skin feels cleansed without feeling dried out. 

I love a brand who stands for a good cause and has a story behind it. Mehdi and Fern source their ingredients from Africa and harnessed the goodness into ANIA. For a brand dedicated to sharing organic products and making African beauty ingredients available in Singapore, I am pretty much in love with their products. 

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